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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the number one cause for the cardiovascular mortality. Imagine a garden hose, when it is new it is pliable, the water track is clean with smooth walls helps the water flow easily with out resistance. What happens in due coarse?. The walls crack, deposits buildup, hence water has to exert more pressure to overcome the hurdles and to maintain the flow. Apply this to blood vessels. High blood pressure is responsible…


Cholesterol! Grease clogs the arteries. In the wright setting the deposits burst and cause complete blockage of the blood vessels leading to major heart attack and death. How to prevent the grease get in to the arteries, Grand ma would tell you ” do not pour that grease in the kitchen sink, it will clog the pipes”


Diabetes! It is projected that one in three adults will have Diabetes in 2050 The body metabolism runs with certain set of pre-programmed formula, designed by our genetic make up. Challenging that leads in to disastrous health outcomes. Early risk identification, risk elimination and maintenance is the key for Diabetic eradication. Join the campaign for Eradicating Diabetes Mellitus type 2. Bad Sugar, Excessive Sugar, Immobility and Obesity Needs to go.

Metabolic Syndrome

Grease in the right hand, sugar in the left hand invades into the body causing the metabolism to collapse. In due course the harmony (homeostasis) of the organs get distorted, leading to the disaster of unhealthy life and demise


Overweight/Obesity is a Huge problem in the developing contries more so in United States. It is the ultimate price for the mordenisation, The growth of obesity exponentially increased since 1980s, when the levy on cane sugar shifted the beverage makers towards cheep High Fructose Corn Sugar leading to extreme fat production and deposition in the body. The industrial revolution reduced the physical activity reducing the fat burning leading to obesity

Healthy Cooking

Cooking with the raw materials is always the best. Avoid processed meat. Pre- cooked and prepared food items. Avoid mass baking and mass beverages. Which contains unwanted high fructose corn sugar and/or invert sugar. Have red meat once or twice a week. Buy white meat, and fish more. Use olive oil or vegetable oils. Avoid animal fat based oil. Vegetables, whole grains is the way to go.


Stroke or Brain cell death has a wide spectrum of presentation. Fortunately, there are ways we can prevent the catastrophie by addressing the cuase. Stroke occurs when the blood circulation stopes to an area of the brain leadin to death of the cells. The brain cells can not be re-grown, hence the fuctionality of those cells never return. The brain cells die as early as 3 mts of deprivation. Now you know why prevention is superior than treatment.

Healthy Living

Healthy living is wealthy living. Eat right, Sleep right, Be active, Live long. Eat less, Cook from raw materials.

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